Welcome to our organisations and leaders


    Clerk of Session: Tommy Allen 71398301

    Congregational Secretary: Alan Holden 71398768

    Caretaker: Hugh Bresland 71398448

    Treasurer: Trevor Allen: 71398651

    Organists: Mrs Linda Kennedy McNeill 71884507 and Mrs Lynette McClay 71397953

    Sunday School: our thanks to Mrs Jean Rutherford who has yet to be replaced!

    PW Secretary: Mrs Isobel Scott 71841435

    Youth Rep: Mr Billy Smyth 71338076

    BB: Mrs Noelle Holmes 71398728

    GB: Mrs Lorraine Fleming  lorrainefleming01@live.co.uk

    Donemana Presbyterian Church can also be found on Facebook. Members and friends can put their own postings on the page there.

    Photographs from below were sent by Jackson, one of the elders of Mtunthama, who collected the school materials we sent when they arrived in Malawi (for the Primary School) Repairs to the school windows were funded by Donemana Presbyterian Church